Sunday, August 21, 2011


A while back I posted an apron that I had made for one of my roommates. The plan was to do four more for the rest of my gals, but as Summer neared its end I realized I had forgotten about the project. That's why I found myself frantically fixing and sewing four aprons in my last two days here in St. George. I had the fabric and didn't want to waste it. Plus I needed to get in as much sewing on my moms machine as possible before I moved away from it (and them). ha. 

So here they are! finally. Each aprons is the colors that they wanted. I tried to fit the styles to their personality and body type. Hopefully I got it right. My new sister-in-law Laura was nice enough to model them for me. hah love you Laura. 

Here are all the girls. 

She will be the one sharing my room with me! I love her, and the colors on this one. I used the top from a fat quarter I bought for $1.25. The bottom is a 1/2 yard of fabric, along with another 1/4 yard for the belt. I didn't follow a pattern--kinda just made it up as I went. It took a couple tries and LOTS of unstitching to get it right. 

She loves orange so I tried to do an orange top that wouldn't look too much like Halloween orange. I spent $3 on the fabric for this apron. My favorite part is the added flower embellishment that I found in my moms craft room. 

Summer requested pink & yellow. This one is the most simple but is actually my favorite. I did a lighter pink for the tie in the back, and a darker pink for the top tie. I added two cute buttons to the top and voila! 

Berkface actually came with me to pick out her fabric so I can't take credit for the colar scheme(which I love). I did add the white ruffle on the bottom to give it more length because I ran out of fabric. I had to unpick this one three times! I've definitely learned that patience is a must when you sew. You can't speed. 

I have already show this one, but I would just like to add that I love the ruffles so much! Lacey and Berk are the most girly. That's why I did theirs with them. 

 I had to throw in a picture of cute Laura. Even though she didn't want me to! 

So there you have it. Super easy (if you have patience), super cheap, and super fun. You can make up your own pattern, or follow one. I found some patterns at Joannes for only $2 so If you need one to follow, go there!


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  1. These are adorable. And I love that you made them to match the personality of your roomies! I should totally do this!